General Information


Wilderness Public Service District was formed April 7, 1975 to provide water service to the Mt. Nebo, Mt. Lookout, Runa, and Pool areas. The District has since extended water service to Nallen, Keslers Cross Lanes, Poe, Tipton, Drennen, Snow Hill, and Hominy Falls. The system went on line in June 1980, serving approximately 540 customers, with a minimum water bill of $9.60 for 0 to 3,000 gallons. As of June 2018, thirty-seven years later, the District now has over 2,060 customers, with a minimum bill of $33.54 for 0 to 3,000 gallons.

System Information

Wilderness Public Service District operates a surface water treatment plant with Meadow River and Anglins’ Creek being the water source. The treatment plant has a total production capacity of 504,000 gallons/day. The distribution system consists of seven (7) above ground water storage tanks, four (4) booster stations, eleven (11) pressure reducing stations, and approximately 135 miles of water mains comprised of 2”,4”,6”,and 8” pipe. The PSD’s treatment plant, office, and booster stations are all equipped with backup generators in the event of a power outage to avoid water service interruptions. The schematic below depicts a typical surface water treatment facility.


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    Wilderness PSD Public Notice

    Tampering with ANY water facility property is a federal offense under US Code Title 42, Section 3000I-1 and may be considered an act of terrorism.